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At RE/MAX Titanium, we believe that each property we list deserves a unique and customized marketing plan. Our sellers? goals are as varied and individual as those of the buyers we serve. We acknowledge our sellers? objectives and put into use the tools that will best help achieve those objectives.

From starter homes to luxury estates, summer cottages to undeveloped land, retirement homes to commercial property, we have the knowledge and skill to bring prospective buyers to the table. Our agents are resourceful and responsive. We never forget that you come first.

?List as fast as possible? ?is not our goal. Our goal is to?make sure the property is ready for listing before we put it out there. Making sure the price is right and the property is at its best will bring the quickest sales. First viewers are so important and if we can attract those first viewers we have done you a service.

When we suggest a sale price for your property, we do it only after comparing to others on the market and those that have sold within recent months. Pricing too high only turns away the first interested parties and lowering it later quite often means they have already moved on to something else. ?If our suggestion sounds low to you, remember that we want your property to sell for the highest price possible just as much as you do.

Once you have listed with us, your listing goes out on over 25 nation wide websites.?We will hold advertised open houses with your permission of course. Individual showings by our agents as well as?other agents from the area will be done with your prior knowledge and any feedback we can get will be shared with you, positive and negative.

The agents at RE/MAX Titanium will work with you from start to finish.

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