Staging Your Home

Preparing a home for sale takes?a combined effort between homeowner, realtor and in?some cases a professional stager.??Sellers need to be objective and not take the advice of the realtor or stager personal. They are looking out for your interests and want to get the best price possible for your home. The seller needs to carefully prepare for the listing and for all showings.? The realtor/stager may suggest a change from that bright pink that was your daughter?s favorite color to a neutral color.?They make this suggestion because some buyers will walk away from a great home simply because they can?t see past the colors.? There?s a great deal of competition out there and in today?s market you must be?prepared to compete.

Home staging is imperative and the basic steps are to repair, de-clutter, stage, and moderately decorate a home.?Stagers use items within the house to accentuate focal points, room sizes, and an overall balance of furnishings, color and space in each room.?Often that is not enough.

At RE/MAX Titanium we go even?further to prepare the home for sales appeal. ?Those additional steps include?some decorating, professional real estate photography, virtual tours, and utilizing the power of national social media marketing.??? Additional decorative accessories may be brought in to further prepare the home.

The 2011 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers stated that 88 % of buyers use the internet to find their homes.?Additional facts include 55% find homes through drive by yard signs, 45% through open houses, and only 30% through newspaper ads.?The same study states that 63% of buyers walked through a home they found on line.?These statistics only stress the importance of each of the Stagorating steps.?The home must look better on line than its competition and showings and open houses must be prepared for carefully.

Not every house needs to be?Staged.?Some do not.? However, the fact is that if a home needs help it is?important to work with your realtor?and get the real value of the sale than to keep dropping the price until it finally sells.

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